Islam Is False

Islam and rape of helpless women

One of the biggest crimes of Islam is the rape of captured women. Approved by Allah in Quran everybody took advantage of Allah's approval and raped captured women including Muhammad, his companions and all the conquerors that followed .

Quran 33.50
"O Prophet! We have made lawful to thee thy wives to whom thou hast paid their dowers; and those whom thy right hand possesses out of the prisoners of war whom Allah has assigned to thee;..."

Muhammad raped Safiya and all his companions followed his example and treated slave women like they were not humans. Muslim apologists despite many hadiths shamelessly deny the charges and make different excuses. To Muslims any evil act whether it is rape, sex with a child or beating wife is legal as long as Allah approves it. They don't have brains of their own to know the difference between right and wrong, good and evil. Capturing women in wars or raids and then distributing them among the warriors to have sex with them is enough to prove that this evil religion is men made and have nothing to do with any fair, merciful loving God, if there is any.

Following quotes are from one of the greatest Muslim scholars/historians Al-Tabari, which again proves with out any doubt how Muslims were raping helpless captured women with no mercy just because they were non-muslims.

The History of Al-Tabari vol 13 - The Conquest of Iraq, South western Persia and Egypt. Page 42 events of 638 AD during Omar's Caliphate

"... Then the unbelievers began to flee and the Muslims attacked again. I go down into the trench and come to a tent in which there are pillows and clothes. Suddenly (I sense the presence of ) a human form hidden under some blankets. I tear them away and what do I find? A woman, like a gazelle, radiant as the sun. I took her and her clothes and surrendered the latter as booty, but put in a request for the maid, that she may be allotted to me. Thus I acquired her as a concubine; she later bore me a child."

The History of Al-Tabari vol 13 - The Conquest of Iraq, South western Persia and Egypt. Page 43 events of 638 AD during Omar's Caliphate

"-Al-Qa'qa' made prisoners of war and sent some of them to Hashim; so the latter and his men allocated these among themselves as part of the booty. The women among them were taken as concubines and bore their Muslim masters children. ...One of these women taken prisoner was Sha'bi's mother, who was first allotted to a man from the Banu Abs. She gave birth to a child but the father died. Then Sharahil took her unto him and she also bore him a child, Amir who grew up among the Banu Abs."

If Muhammad was indeed a messenger and was getting revelations and not making them up, he must had been getting revelations from some evil spirit. Because no merciful loving god will allow such a mistreatment of its own creation.